You can charter the yacht Eugenia and invite your friends, your colleagues or corporate customers — and yourself — on an unforgettable archipelago trip on the ship, which tends to be followed by nice weather!

Sailing with groupes max 28 persones.
Kasnäs-Kasnäs about 8 h in the Archipelago, incl. coffee - price 1200 euro
Kasnäs-Kasnäs about 4 h in the Archipelago, incl. coffee - price 900 euro
Theme sailing like bird-watching, and so on . On offer.
Sailing with Eugenia start from Kasnäs or Dalsbruk in the municipality of Kimitoön. For departure and arrival at other harbors, there is a charge of 30 € per hour.

  • Alternative routes besides Örö are: Högsåra, Gullkrona, Helsingholm, Vänö and Rosala.
  • Go ashore in a living archipelago environment with a rich History
  • Have delicious Archipelago Food
  • Try an archipelago Sauna
    _ Take lovely view photos, spot white-tailed eagles, catch some sun and much more...
    Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, and have a genuine sailing experience. Sail on the yacht Eugenia

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Sailing adventure to Örö fortress island

Tuesdays 3.7, 13.7, 20.7, 27.7 and 3.8.2020
Departure from Kasnäs at 10.00
Return at 17.00 to harbour.
Adults 60 €/person, 4–12-year-old children 30 €, under 4 years 0 €.
Included: Sailing programme, coffee & bun, guiding at Örö and entrance to the cannons

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About the ship

The Traditional Sailingship Eugenia take us on a ”full of feeling ” journey in an old fashion way.
The wind take us with 270 squre meters sailes in the same way as formely-- The heaviest job
can you leave to the crew, but you are allowed to help the crew with the sails, navigation, steer the ship, learn about the technique, and learn about the history, and so on. You can sit down on deck and enjoy the see, the smal islands, islets, the birds. Sometimes we visit Örö Fortress in Hitis archipelago. Örö belong to the Archipelago Nationalpark and has an interesting milieu. About 20 km tracks and a hundred years of history as military base, built by the russians.

Eugenia can take a maximum of 28 passengers in daytime. In the passenger compartment below deck, there is a long table which seats approximately 15, 9 berths for overnight- passengers and a small, well-equipped pantry. There is also a toilet and running water.
The ships interior follows a simple but nice style. The passenger compartments are comfortable and cosy.

Book your trip as soon as possible if you want to sail on Eugenia in one of the worlds most beautiful archipelagoes!